Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatments have never been more popular. We offer a range of procedures, all of which are performed by one of our experienced team.

None of our cosmetic treatments are currently available on the NHS. Accordingly, these procedures are offered on a private basis and are available to all – there is no requirement to be, or to become, a registered patient of Westfield Surgery.

Free initial consultation

Whatever the nature of your skin complaint we offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation with one of our experienced doctors, so we can advise about your treatment options and likely costs. At the bottom of the page is a price guide, but precise details will be confirmed at the free initial consultation.


This revolutionary new technique uses precisely targeted microwave technology to treat thread veins, rosacea, and other vascular (red) blemishes such as spider naevi. The treatment is comfortable and safe, and the results are rapid and highly impressive. Westfield is the first to bring the Veinwave to the Bath and North-East Somerset area. For more information see

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Our most popular treatment by far, IPL uses controlled pulses of intense light to remove unwanted hair permanently. Safe and effective, IPL can be used on any area including the face, legs, bikini line, chest, back, arms and armpits.  As well as hair removal, IPL successfully treats a variety of skin blemishes including age spots, liver spots, diffuse redness, and uneven pigmentation. IPL photorejuvenation effectively reduces the signs of ageing, giving a smoother more youthful appearance to the skin. Finally, the unsightly spots of acne and rosacea both respond to IPL (special rates for teenagers).

Facial wrinkles and lip contouring

Carefully targeted injections of a highly purified, naturally occurring protein relax facial muscles, smoothing the appearance of wrinkles. Deeply etched wrinkles are lessened by the injection of Dermal fillers, and lips can be recontoured. A free review after two weeks ensures a balanced, natural effect.

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Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Injections of a highly purified, naturally occuring protein provide an effective solution to the problem of excessively sweaty underarms.

Moles, cysts, lipomas, keratoses

We offer a range of procedures under local anaesthetic to deal with unsightly ‘lumps and bumps’.


Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze warts, verrucas, and other blemishes such as skin tags.

Price Guide

The following prices are an indication of treatment costs, but more accurate details will be provided at the free initial consultation.

Veinwave for thread veins, spider naevi, red marks from £50 per treatment
IPL for permanent hair removal, and acne from £25 per treatment
Wrinkle-relaxing injections One area £150

Two areas £200

Three areas £250

Dermal fillers (Juvederm) from £150
Skin rejuvenation from £50 per treatment
Hyperhidrosis (excessively sweaty underarms) from £300
Minor surgery to remove Moles and other unwanted lumps such as sebaceous cysts, Lipomas, Keratoses from £80
Warts, verrucas, skin tags etc from £10

Why not give our appointments line a call on 01761 438741 and arrange your free initial consultation.