At Westfield Surgery we believe passionately in high-quality, person-centred family medicine, and we want to play our part in training the next generation of doctors to carry these skills and values into the future.

Accordingly, you will often encounter doctors at different stages of their careers attached to Westfield Surgery. Many will have been gaining experience by working for a number of years in hospital, and are now ready to make the transition into general practice under our guidance. Some will be more recently qualified, gaining exposure to general practice before deciding on their eventual career path. And we continue to enjoy attachments by student doctors from the University of Bristol medical school as part of their undergraduate training programme.

Trainees learn a lot from us, and we greatly value their contribution, too. All the doctors at Westfield Surgery spend a considerable amount of time each year ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest developments across the breadth of medical practice. The presence of trainees – who frequently arrive with fresh knowledge and experience – does nothing but enhance this process of continuing professional development.

Each trainee is supervised and supported at all times by one of the experienced Westfield Surgery partners. Sometimes trainee and supervisor conduct consultations together, so you may see two doctors. On occasion, you may be asked if you would consent to a trainee videoing a consultation for training purposes. We are grateful to patients who are able to support the training at Westfield Surgery. However, should you – for whatever reason – prefer not to participate at any point, then simply let us know; your care will never be affected.